We have an additional award sponsored by Door No. 4!

We are happy to announce we have an additional award, the Audience Choice Award. The award of $200 was sponsored by Door No. 4.

Door No. 4 is a local event startup and this Saturday, September 19th, is putting on an immersive cinema experience based on a classic western film.

The event will take place at Star Hill Ranch, where attendees will spend the afternoon before the screening exploring an interactive world. There will be a saloon, saloon girls, multiple live music performances, two-stepping, gambling, whiskey, beer, BBQ, duels, and reenactments of scenes, all to replicate the world of the film! At the end of it all, guests will sit down to enjoy an outdoor screening of the film. The movie is currently a secret, although savvy film lovers may be able to piece together clues on social media and guess the film before the event.

Check out this immersive cinema event happening next weekend!

Here is the info about the tickets.

Follow Door No. 4 on their social media to stay updated:
Their hashtags are #doorno4 #wantedDOA #atxoutlaws



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