Help us with the Austin Polish Film Festival!

You’ll have an opportunity to gain a valuable work experience and meet amazing people. We’re looking for friendly and communicative individuals to work at various stages of the festival production. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience – members of our staff will give you all the necessary support and guidance.

Benefits of volunteering at APFF

Being a volunteer at the APFF gives you, among other things, an opportunity to meet interesting filmmakers from Poland and experience and learn the inner workings of preparing and running a large cultural event. Moreover, as a volunteer you get to watch some of the festival screenings after your working hours. After the festival and successfully completing your assignments, each of you can get a certificate or personal references which confirm your volunteer work.

Working 20 or more hours total earns you a free festival pass.

Click here to see a list of typical tasks for which we need volunteers.

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We have multiple volunteering positions currently and during the festival (November 8-11 & 11). We can definitely utilize any of your skills, passions or hobbies.

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