​The official poster for the APFF 2015 arrived!

Poster by Leszek Żebrowski

Make sure you come by in October and take a selfie at the festival by this fantastic design by Leszek Zebrowski. A limited number of festival posters will be available for purchase. If you want to reserve one earlier, shoot us an email with the subject line APFF 2015 POSTER.

Zebrowski’s  unique work is recognizable at first sight all over the world.  Austin Polish Film Festival has been announced to the public by Leszek’s talented hand and unequalled imagination for multiple years since 2006. The artist visited Austin twice, once as an APFF guest and once invited to exhibit at the SXSW Flatstock 24. Let’s have a glimpse at how we described his posters a few years back when Austin hosted an exhibit of his works:

"Zebrowski's World" is populated with strange and delightful creatures and images: sinuous females with swirls of hair, soulful expressions and tearful stares, and girls with lollipop faces; men and women with alien-like eyes and heads and Brueghel-like expressions; playful animals, horses and exotic birds; and Polish folk images and religious symbols. All of these are set in an imaginary world of Polish landscapes and mythical plains. With a truly individual style and a painterly hand, Zebrowski displays a powerful range of emotions from silent angst to explosive psychedelic zaniness. Zebrowski's bold and dynamic images are richly textured and fill the poster surface. Sometimes the images are monochromatic and other times his palette goes wild, but always the images are drawn with a draftsman's precision."

Zebrowski is a tenured professor of graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Szczecin, Poland.


Beautiful piece about Leszek, but in Polish: