All films screened at the festival have English subtitles


God's Little Village / U Pana Boga za miedzą, 2009

Screening Time: Thursday, November 5, 7:30pm
Duration:  1hr  50min.
Category: comedy

Director: Jacek Bromski
Screenwriter: Jacek Bromski
Cinematography:Ryszard Lenczewski, Lukasz Zal
Music: Ludek Drizhal
Producer: OKO Film Studio, TVP-Film Agency


Krzysztof Dzierma, Andrzej Beya-Zaborski, Grzegorz Herominski, Agnieszka Kotlarska, Emilian Kaminski, Wojciech Solarz, Malgorzata Sadowska, Agata Kryska, Mieczyslaw Fiodorow, and others.


The bucolic, leisurely life style of Królowy Most inhabitants will be ruined by the incoming mayoral elections. The long-ruling mayor will feel threatened, because a certain Śliwiak – businessman and owner of the local disco club – will run for candidate, conducting his election campaign in a truly American style.
From "This is the filmmakers' third visit to Królowy Most, a little town in the Podlasie region where people live among unspoiled nature, profess the simplest of moral codes - to live in harmony with God, and have a soft pronunciation associated with Poland's historical eastern borderlands [...]. Nobody is ever in a hurry, everyone has time for other people. The enchanting Królowy Most really exists, it's not far from Białystok. Whether it's really governed by an equilibrium of body and spirit, law and custom, nature and culture, will remain the director's secret. On screen, it appears as a model of harmony and co-existence of different religions and nationalities, an idyllic and friendly place where travellers from a different world are welcome. But woe betide the person who tries to disrupt the town's peace - they will be ruthlessly driven out. If, on the other hand, they accept the local rules, they are safe - they will settle in quickly and be absorbed by the local community.

Time to Die / Pora umierać, 2008

Screening Time: Friday, November6, 6:30pm
Duration:  1hr  44min.
Category: drama

Director: Dorota Kędzierzawska
Screenwriter: Dorota Kędzierzawska
Cinematography: Arthur Reinhart
Music: Włodzimierz Pawlik
Producers: Arthur Reinhart, Wojciech Maryański, Piotr Miklaszewski


Danuta Szaflarska,  Krzysztof Globisz, Agnieszka Podsiadlik, Marta Waldera, Patrycja Szewczyk, and others.


When Aniela, a witty old lady, gets rid of her last lodger, she thinks it's finally time for her to feel at home in her beautiful wooden house, but her greedy son and neighbors have other plans. TRhis film is a monodrama inspired by the extraordinary person of actress, Danuta Szaflarska, written specially for her.
From [...] this is how Dorota Kędzierzawskaand Artur Reinhart present their film (in the distributor's material).
"Danuta Szaflarska is not only a brilliant actress but a fascinating personality, too. I'd been thinking of writing a screenplay 'dedicated' to Danusia for a long time, almost 15 years, since we first met on the set of 'Diabły...' / 'Devils...'. There was an equally beautiful and just as neglected old wooden house in Radość. I heard the story of the house and its owner a good few years ago. Everything only came together and snapped into place - the character and the actress, the story and the time - after I heard an amusing but sad story of an incident involving an elderly lady. That 'story' now opens the film. The house plays an important role in the picture. The third focal figure of the story is the dog. It had to appear in the screenplay because I really hate interior monologues, but this time the heroine really wanted to talk a lot. Thus, Aniela 'talks' with the dog, her only household member, friend, and defender. These conversations build a picture of how this elderly lady perceives and experiences reality, how she looks at reality with an ironic smile and uses that smile to overcome her loneliness.
We knew from the start that the film had to be black-and-white. It also had to be very sparing in how it told the story so that nothing disturbed the simplicity of our heroine's 'everyday rituals'. Looking at old family pictures, old black-and-white photos - we automatically stop, slow down, examine faces, figures, scenes a little more carefully than usually. Something special always emanates from these pictures - a kind of power, nostalgia, an unspecified magic. It's this kind of 'pause' that we wanted to bring closer to our audience, and the black and white colour was designed to help achieve that."

Before Twilight / Jeszcze nie wieczór, 2008

Screening Time: Friday, November 6, 8:45pm
Duration:  1hr  35min.
Category: drama

Director: Jacek Bławut
Screenwriter: Jacek Bławut, Jacek Piotr Bławut, Stanisław Józefowicz
Cinematography: Wojciech Staroń
Producer: Anna Bławut-Mazurkiewicz


Jan Nowicki, Beata Tyszkiewicz, Nina Andrycz, Irena Kwiatkowska, Roman Kłosowski, Danuta Szaflarska, Fabian Kiewicz, Stefan Burczyk, Zofia Wilczyńska, Wieńczysław Gliński, Witold Gruca, Sonia Bohosiewicz, and others.


Preserve / Rezerwat, 2007

Screening Time: Saturday, November 7, 6:30pm
Duration:  1hr  40min.
Category: Drama

Director: Łukasz Palkowski
Screenwriter: Łukasz Palkowski,  Marcin Kwaśny
Cinematography: Paweł Sobczyk
Music:  Sebastian Krajewski
Producer: Paisa Films


Marcin Kwaśny, Sonia Bohosiewicz,G rzegorz Palkowski, Artur Dziurman, and others.


Drowsiness / SSenność, 2008

Screening Time: Saturday, November 7, 8:45pm
Duration:  1hr  45min.
Category: Drama

Director: Magdalena Piekorz
Screenwriter: Wojciech Kurczok
Cinematography: Marcin Koszałka
Music:  Adrian Konarski, Rahim
Producer: Tor Film Studio


Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Michał Żebrowski, Weronika Rosati, Andrzej Grabowski, and others.


Tomorrow We Are Going To the Movies / Jutro idziemy do kina, 2007

Screening Time: Sunday, November 8, 6:30pm
Duration:  1hr  25min.
Category: Drama, romance, war

Director: Michał Kwieciński
Screenwriter: Jerzy Stefan Stawiński
Cinematography: Piotr Wójtowicz
Music:  Misha Hairulin
Producer: Akson Studio, Telewizja Polska - Agencja Filmowa


Mateusz Damięcki,  Antoni Pawlicki, Julia Pietrucha, Jakub Wesołowski, Anna Gzyra, Daniel Olbrychski, Marta Scislowicz, Maria Niklińska, Magdalena Lamparska, Piotr Zurawski, and others.



Glass Trap / Szklana pulapka, 2008

The Lonliness of a Short Cook / Samotnosc kucharza szybkich zamowien, 2008

52%, 2007

Actors / Aktorzy, 2008

My New Life / / Moja nowa droga

On Credit / Na kredyt

What the Doctors Say / Co mowia lekarze

Held Mail / Poste Restante

Pro Toto

Cathedral / Katedra

Fallen Art / Sztuka spadania